Privacy Policy

Gaston Schul comprises of Gaston Schul B.V., Gaston Schul Customs B.V., Gaston Schul VAT B.V., GS e-biz B.V., Gaston Schul Legal & Compliance B.V., Gaston Schul Deutschland GmbH, Gaston Schul Customs GmbH, Gaston Schul VAT GmbH, Gaston Schul N.V., Gaston Schul B.V.B.A., Gaston Schul VAT B.V., Gaston Schul Belgium B.V., Gaston Schul Customs Ltd., and Gaston Schul Facilities B.V., from here on referred to as Gaston Schul. You can contact us: Noorderpoort 101 5916 PJ Venlo, +31 77 324 60 25.

Gaston Schul provides in excelling customs- and cross-border handling. But also values our customers and our employee’s privacy. Gaston Schul handles your privacy conform the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and local applicable privacy legislations.

This privacy statement provides an overview of why and how we collect personal data, your consent, your rights and our measures, because we:

  • explain on which legal basis we collect your personal data;
  • mention how we process personal data, and for what period;
  • explicitly ask for your permission to process your personal data;
  • respect one anothers rights concerning personal data;
  • take appropriate measures to protect your and our own personal data, both in our own activities as well as our supplier’s activities.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Why we process personal data

There are multiple reasons for us to process and, in some cases, save personal data.
This happens when you contact Gaston Schul’s locations by phone, email, contact
form, websites, social media or during real-life contact.

We process:

  • sur- and last name
  • telephone number
  • e-mail address
  • IP-address

Customers: In order to provide our services at our best, occasionally we need some personal
data like name, job title, e-mail address, telephone number, IP-address. In general, most of these data are regarding the company’s data. In very rare cases we do need a copy of your passport. Our relation forms kindly demand for some personal data, as well as our authorizations (I)DV, BFV, AFV and offers.
Suppliers and processors: sometimes we need, or even need to, process our customer’s and employee’s personal data.

Applicants: if and when you apply for a job at Gaston Schul, we request you to fil in an application form and ask you to send us your resumé. Obviously, we need this information to process your application properly.

Employees: when you work at Gaston Schul, we need even more personal data, which we use for your Certificate of Good Behaviour, salary processing, pension, insurance, bailiffs, educational institutes, safety and security and an accurate administration.

How we process your personal data

Customers: personal data are requested only for authorizations (I)DV, BFV, AFV and offers. When you are our contact, we ask you to fill in your sur- and last name, telephone number and e-mail address. In extraordinary cases of payment traffic, we ask for a copy of your passport. We’ll only save am edited version of your passport, in which your passport photo, MRZ (Machine Readable Zone), passport number and Social Security Number will be unreadable.

Suppliers and processors: we demand an equal level of accuracy in personal data processing from our suppliers and processors as we provide for. We therefore request them for an agreement of processing.

Applicants: we’ll save your application letter and resumé during the vacancy. Afterwards, we delete all information. Whenever we keep our interest in your resumé, and wish to contact you in case of further employment opportunities, we kindly ask for your permission to save your data for twelve months.

Employees: we need your personal data for: administration, occupancy rates, salary payments and to provide insurance and pension services, health services and governmental agencies for necessary data.

Your permission for processing your personal data

Whenever we need certain personal data, we explicitly ask for your permission. Without your permission we no longer can guarantee an accurate administration and processing of our services or your salary payment, nor successful processing of your pension, insurance and security. Your permission can always be withdrawn. We kindly ask you to request us in writing.

Personal rights regarding personal data

You do have, at any time, the right to know how your personal data are processed and you can influence this processing. You have the right to view, alter or delete your personal data or to permit us tos end files to third parties. Above all, you have the right to be informed. If you wish to use your rights, please contact your commercial contact our via You also have the right to file a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority or local national authorities. Gaston Schul reserves the right to alter this privacy statement and her privacy policy when needed. Please check our webiste regularly to notice any changes concerning our privacy policy. If and when changes have an important impact on the way we handle your personal data, we will actively inform you about it.

Measures: security, publication, third parties

We take various preventive measures to avoid misuse of personal data by unauthorized persons. This concerns both organizational and technical measures which suit the sense of security. Gaston Schul uses technical and functional cookies which will not violate your privacy. A cookie is a short text file which is saved at your computer, tablet or smartphone at the moment you visit our website. It facilitates the website’s performances and saves your preferred settings. You can unsubscribe cookies at any moment by resetting your browser in a way that it will not save cookies anymore. We handle your personal data with great care and will never publicize them, nor will we ever forward any of your personal data to third parties without your consent. We’ll submit your personal data to third parties when needed to provide certain services. Regarding our employees, we are bound to submit personal data to health services, pension provider and insurance companies. All thirds (parties that, for any reason, deal with our and your personal data) are expected to conclude an agreement of processing. In this way we secure the processing of your personal data at these companies. Are you in any way concerned about securing your data? Do you register any signs of misuse? Or do you have any questions left about our measures? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at: