Fiscal representation that makes VAT work for you.

Improve cash flow, comply with VAT obligations, and reduce your administrative burden by working with Europe’s leading VAT specialists.

For a more cost-efficient and compliant approach to VAT, trust Gaston Schul

Importing goods can seriously erode a company’s cash flow. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you work with Gaston Schul in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, you leverage the continent’s leading VAT specialists who can help VAT work in your favour.

Our team of VAT specialists can help you

Gaston Schul Gaston Schul

Comply with VAT legislation

We handle all administrative obligations in relation to VAT legislation

Improve VAT records

We take on the administrative burden of VAT record keeping

Defer VAT payments

We find ways to legally defer your VAT payments

Run VAT Training sessions

We offer in-house training sessions to improve VAT compliance

Acquire relevant licences

We help European companies acquire key licences, which exempt VAT in certain countries

Limited or general representation

We can take over VAT obligations on your behalf

Reduce your VAT burden

We go beyond VAT compliance

Our teams in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are here to reduce the administrative burden that VAT places on your business by handling all paperwork, where possible, and ensuring you comply with the relevant legislation.

But that’s just one part of our service. Our team in the Netherlands and Belgium also goes to great lengths to reduce your tax burden by applying for a reverse charge mechanism or ET 14000 licence that lets you defer payment until the periodic VAT return.

Gaston Schul

The Dutch VAT system is often confusing for foreign customers; this is where Gaston Schul steps in by visiting Pfauth's offices to explain VAT face-to-face to our customers!

Robbert Pfauth

CEO, Pfauth Logistics

Utilise tax advantages

Utilise tax advantages without a Dutch or Belgian VAT number

You can’t apply for a reverse charge mechanism licence for Dutch imports or an ET 14000 licence for Belgian imports without an established presence in either country. However, Gaston Schul can act as a tax representative and take over the VAT liability on your behalf.

We will make sure that your VAT return is filed on time, keep full records, and file the intra-community transactions declaration and statistics declaration (Intrastat) on your behalf. You`ll get all the tax advantages in return.


Tax representation with general or limited licence in the Netherlands and Belgium

We can provide limited fiscal representation and general tax representation in the Netherlands or Belgium to any business operating in Europe.

In the event of limited tax representation, Gaston Schul will take over the VAT obligations from you, making us responsible and liable for the import VAT.

In the event of general tax representation, Gaston Schul acts on behalf of the foreign company for all supplies on which VAT is due. In this case, the foreign company will receive a VAT number.


Tax representation in Germany

We can provide fiscal representation in Germany to any business operating in Europe at the time of clearance for those shipments followed by an intra-community delivery.

In the event of tax representation, Gaston Schul will take over the VAT obligations from you, making us responsible and liable for the import VAT.

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Strengthen and improve your customs processes with our expert advice and services. We’ll help you seize new trading opportunities, transform your supply chain and guarantee compliance is at the forefront of every decision.

Digital Solutions

Transform your data with Gaston Schul’s Customs Data Exchange. We can build EDI and API-powered real-time data transfers that reduce errors, accelerate declarations and improve the efficiency of your supply chain.


The Gaston Schul Academy is a collection of customised training programmes based on our 175 years of practical experience. Our customised and in-depth programmes help everyone, from beginners to experts, to learn more about international trade.

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Fiscal Representation FAQs

Who requires a fiscal representative?

A fiscal representative is typically required for businesses that are involved in taxable transactions in a country where they do not have a physical presence. This is often the case for companies engaged in cross-border trade within the EU, especially for VAT purposes. Non-EU businesses selling goods or services to EU customers, or involved in import/export activities within the EU, frequently need a fiscal representative to comply with local tax regulations, facilitate VAT registration, and handle tax declarations.

What does a fiscal representative do?

A fiscal representative acts as a liaison between a non-resident business and the local tax authorities. They handle the administrative and compliance aspects of tax regulations on behalf of the company. This includes registering the business for VAT, filing VAT returns, ensuring accurate tax payments, and communicating with tax authorities.

What’s the difference between limited and general fiscal representation?

Limited fiscal representation is typically used for specific transactions, like importation, and is available in certain countries. Under this arrangement, the fiscal representative is responsible for VAT obligations related to imports but not for other domestic transactions.

General fiscal representation, on the other hand, covers a broader scope. It includes managing all VAT-related matters for a non-resident business, including imports, sales, and other taxable transactions within the country. General representation is more comprehensive, making it suitable for businesses with extensive operations in a particular country.