Gaston Schul careers.

If you’re looking for a long-term career with a company that offers meaningful work and has real values, then consider joining the Gaston Schul family.

We believe in long-term partnerships and building quality relationships. It’s why we value trust, integrity and respect and why we will continue working to cement our place as the leading independent customs and trade partner in Europe and across the world.

Why work at Gaston Schul?

Our expert advice, solution-oriented mindset, cost saving initiatives and digital approach are renowned. It’s why small, medium, and large enterprises trust us with all their customs matters and why policymakers consult with us when determining the future of international trade.

A global, expert workforce numbering

350+ employees

Successful declarations in 2023 totalling


We operate within 6 countries, and our Control Tower network extends our services


An independent business with a heritage of over 175 Years. We are 100%

Customs focused

We optimise processes, reduce risk, and streamline costs. We're committed to being

Solution oriented

We believe in building quality relationships and establishing long-term


Gaston Schul’s values

Gaston Schul Gaston Schul


We believe in the power of kindness and are committed to cultivating a culture of empathy, compassion and inclusion. We embrace the diversity of all people and provide an environment where everyone feels welcomed, respected and supported to thrive.


Our dedication to know-how and self-improvement fosters excellence. We are driven to deepen our expertise, share knowledge and apply learnings. This empowers us to deliver unparalleled service and value to our customers.

Customer focus

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We seek to deeply understand their needs and meet any challenge with thoughtful solutions. We measure our success by their satisfaction.


Our culture of innovation is focused on continuous exploration and improvement. We actively invest in developing new solutions, advancing technology and enhancing how we serve.


We act with honesty, transparency and accountability. We honour our commitments and conduct business ethically. Our relationships are built on mutual respect and trust.


Grow your career with Gaston Schul.

At Gaston Schul, we make your personal growth and progression a priority. Many of our employees across all roles and departments attend annual training and development programmes. Will you join us?

Gaston Schul History

Since the business was formed in 1845 right through to the present, we’ve been a constant source of expert and independent advice to any business navigating the complexities of customs and trade.


At Gaston Schul, we have a truly global footprint. Our 350+ experts span six countries across Europe, and our partner network is global. We consult on logistics, customs and international trade matters to all.

Social Programmes

Gaston Schul works with the Liliane Fonds (The Liliane Foundation) to contribute to a world in which children with disabilities participate and in which their lives have the highest achievable quality. We believe it is important that people can make their dreams come true and, for that reason, we support projects that make a difference, however small that might be.